• When planning methods and techniques of repair and isolation of stone and concrete structures is necessary to objectively assess the causes of certain defects and in accordance with this plan for a complete technological system.

  • Materials and technology.

  • In preparing of the working surface there should be guided the requirements specified in this section and the existing regulatory and technical documents.

  • Cement mixtures come from the factory in paper bags or plastic pails on pallets.
    , then should be taken to prevent damage to the integrity of the packaging.

  • Most convenient to use the recommended material in small pieces - by 100-500

  • Production work quality control should be carried out at all stages of preparation and work.

  • Mastic sealing is performed on surfaces exposed to direct moisture, such as: swimming pools, basements and exterior surfaces, etc.

  • Application of film-forming materials manufactured using brush, roller or of air and airless. High viscosity and filled the system applied with spatula, trowel, and others like paint and tools. Should ensure that the process of applying nor lead to sagging.

  • There are currently many methods of waterproofing and building stone and concrete structures. One of the promising and highly effective methods is the technology of injection.

  • Very often there are cases of lack of attention to the issue of dewatering and drainage from the development zone, both during construction and in subsequent periods of operation. But this is one of the most basic questions of reliability of the object as a whole.