Organization of production

  • Injection technology is one of the most effective, therewith expensive methods of waterproofing of masonry and concrete structures.

  • The main purpose of waterproofing reservoir and waterworks is their complete watertightness. On these designs are both static and hydrostatic and dynamic loads. In this case, the majority of loads and impacts are intermittent in nature. The above conditions determine the increased demands for quality and reliability of the waterproofing.

  • Technology of nonexplosive concrete demolition is based on a large ratio of the specific widening of the special cement mortar Neocrack during its hardening.

  • For elimination of active leakage we use special materials, consisting of a mixture of mineral components and additives to ensure high speed of hydration and strength development at an early stage.

  • Usually work in repair of concrete precede waterproofing.

    At their planning the complex approach considering the basic operational and technical requirements for the construction, characteristics of the "old" surface and the types of materials, applied later.

  • The popular technology today is a drainage system around a private dwelling house.

  • The main purpose of external waterproofing - protection of the outer surface of the walls of the basement of a constant or periodic influence of ground water and other corrosive effects of the adjacent soil.

  • The main purpose of waterproofing the inside - to prevent moisture in the concrete (stone, brick), the surface of the main structural elements.