Industrial Waterproofing

The basic activity of Watech LLC is a promotion of new waterproofing materials and technologies for construction, renewal, operation and repair of reinforced concrete constructions, as well as buildings and structures.

Watech possesses a status of exclusive distributer of waterproofing and construction chemicals product NEOTEX S.A. on the territory of Russia.

We provide a wholesale of waterproofing and construction chemicals (cement repair materials, mastics, polymeric and epoxy coatings, the additives to concrete and slurry, sealants, fast-setting fixing cement for instant sealing of water leakages, special cement for concrete destruction, swelling profile etc). There are injection pumps of different design and purpose among the sold out tools too. As far as our services are concerned "Watech" provides engineering services, and performs special repair and waterproofing works:

  • injection and repair of concrete structures;
  • waterproofing of cellars;
  • waterproofing of floors;
  • waterproofing of pools;
  • waterproofing of foundation;
  • application of coating for waterproofing;
  • putting of drainage systems;
  • concrete waterproofing;
  • anti-corrosive protection of constructions;
  • waterproofing and maintenance of protection of hydro-technical constructions and industrial projects;
  • waterproofing of underground structures and tunnels, dams of electric power stations, water treatment facilities, shipping locks and mooring.

To ensure strong protection and waterproofing of constructions, our company uses only qualitative waterproofing materials of leading European manufacturers. “Watech” consolidates world experience in area of waterproofing and repair of reinforced concrete constructions with our own workings out that allows us to perform works high-level.

Lines of Businesses

  • Engineering Services
    • Constructions and structures inspection;
    • Constructions and structures monitoring;
    • Projects, technical decisions, regulations and other technical documentation working out.
  • Organization of Works
    • Internal waterproofing of cellars and ground floors;
    • Outside foundation waterproofing;
    • Waterproofing and protection of hydro-technical constructions and industrial projects;
    • Waterproofing and strengthening of stone and concrete constructions, set-up of  grouting hermetical barriers and waterproofing by injection;
    • Protection of territories against flooding: set-up of Intercepting, Tubular, Trench drainages and Grout cutoffs; Bracket and Formation drainage;
    • Ground strengthening and stabilization by injection;
    • Reinforced concrete constructions repair and restoration;
    • Removal of active zones of the direct filtration and leakage, local waterproofing;
    • Anti corrosive protection of reinforced concrete constructions;
    • Industrial cleaning of stone, brick and concrete surfaces of industrial and biological pollutions, solutions of salt, etc.;
    • Bulk floors and highly-filled systems set-up;Concrete and solutions modification in building conditions with using of special additives;
    • Destruction of stone and concrete constructions without explosion;
    • Hermetic sealing and set-up of technological joints, junctions and control joints.
  • Trade and Marketing
    • Waterproofing, construction chemicals and repair cement materials;
    • Polymeric mastics and protection coatings;
    • System materials for set-up and hermetic sealing of joints;
    • Drainage cloth with special textile;
    • Polymeric and cement based injection materials;
    • Additives to concrete and slurries;
    • Special materials;
    • Special equipment and instruments.

Watech’s activity is based on the all accessible world experience in decision of technical problems. At the same time we make own researches and work on increase of efficiency of applied methods and technologies.

Experts of various areas of science, engineering and technology work in our Company. Thanks to effective coordination and fulfilled control system we can operatively and qualitatively solve the problems.

We hope for mutual understanding and fruitful cooperation with our customers!