Vinyfix Primer

Распродажа складских остатков!
Transparent product based on vinyl resins for the impregnation and stabilisation of surfaces.

Fields of application

VINYFIX® PRIMER is a transparent material suitable for sealing and stabilising via impregnation, both new and worn building surfaces, such as mortars, plasters and renderings, concrete, gypsum surfaces, plasterboards, asbestos cement, concrete products, etc.


The product is easy to apply, shows high penetration, dries quickly and reinforces the substrate. It is particularly effective on old and worn plasters. It bonds residues of old paint to mortars and forms the perfect substrate for the application of paints, water-proofing compounds, and especially water-born products whose adhesion on worn substrates is problematic. VINYFIX® PRIMER resists the alkalinity of building surfaces and presents an excellent basis for the proper application of coatings.

Technical characteristics

Solvent-based primer based on vinyl resins.
Appearance transparent, yellowish
Density, g/cm³ 0.93
Coverage per coat (depending on surface absorptivity), m²/kg 6-8
Drying time, h 2-3
Dry to recoat, h 12


1, 5, 15kg tin cans