Special concrete admixture-plasticizer

Fields of application

TOPLAST® FN is used to plasticise concrete and to decrease the quantity of water required for concrete wetting. It is particularly recommended for improving the appearance of flooring, walls, and plain concrete surfaces.


TOPLAST® FN increases the workability and pumpability of concrete. It decreases surface tension between water and cement and thus contributes to easier cement wetting. This results in decreasing water demand, preventing aggregation, enhancing cement hydration and improving mechanical properties. In the case of plain concrete surfaces, TOPLAST® FN contributes in improving their appearance as the formation of cavities, gaps and pores is avoided. The absence of pores is of particular importance for foundation walls and floor slates where water impermeability is required. For optimum sealing properties, the combined use of TOPLAST® FN with BAROFOB® waterproofing admixture, as well as EUROFIBER polypro-pylene fibres that minimise cracking due to plastic shrinkage, is an excellent solution. The product complies with ASTM C-494/A specification.

Technical characteristics

    Colour pale chestnut brown Density, g/cm³ 1,15-1,20 Appearance liquid

It does not contain chloride ions or other corrosive substances.


5kg, 18kg plastic containers & 200kg drums