Tennis Flex

Anti-slippery acrylic paint for concrete sport floors

Fields of application

The product is suitable for application to any court constructed of asphalt, cement mortars, concrete, hard quick (e.g. for tennis, basket ball, volley ball, hand ball as well as for schoolyards) and the surrounding walls.


TENNIS FLEX® obliterates slipperiness from courts. It protects them from wear and adverse weather thus prolonging their service life. It gives colour to courts and their surroundings. The product has high coverage, presents an economical solution and is very easy to apply.

Technical characteristics

FormPaint based on acrylic resins
Density, g/cm³ 1,50
Coverage for two coats (depending on substrate absorptivity), kg/m² 0,25-0,33
Drying time, h 1
Dry to recoat, h 3
Walkability, days 1
Use, days 5-6


Terracotta, green, white, and tailor-made shades (for a minimum quantity, upon special arrangement)


5kg, 15kg plastic containers