Hydrophilic rubber

The swelling cord GX-7615 is designed for the sealing of joints, junctions and cracks on different structures:

  • civil sites (underground parking lots, the basements’ spaces, pump-stations, etc.);
  • industrial sites (tunnels of different purpose, underground galleries, bridges, etc);
  • hydro technical facilities (swimming-pools, tanks, water conduit, tanks with sweet or firefighting water, etc.), where the leak tightness is necessary;
  • the so called “cold joints” at the pour of concrete
  • the junctions between the elements of assembled concrete
  • the places of passage for service lines through the enclosures of the building
  • at the repair of filtering cracks, which occurred during operation

The cord can be used for the joints and junctions in contact with concrete, metal, natural stone, glass and PVC and their combinations. Being installed into the locked space of the joint (the crack or the conjunction) the cord will be swelling in direct contact with water and from this moment on it provides excellent sealing of the definite place.

The advantages

  • the reliable sealing and waterproofing due to voluminous 8 times’ increase in contact with water
  • the installation of the swelling cords doesn’t demand special knowledge or training
  • the high durability and frost resistance
  • the protective coating on the surface of the cord excludes the formation of caves in the joints of poured concrete at initial term of "fresh concrete hardening"
  • the ecological security
  • the chemical resistance
  • the cord is easy transferable, there are no special demands in transportation
  • the cord doesn’t lose its qualities at repeated cycles of increase in volume
  • it is economic; it provides the decrease of prime cost in comparison with the different methods of sealing/waterproofing
  • the cord is irreplaceable for the sealing of different junctions at construction of massive or extensive structures, which are erected with poured concrete or assembled concrete (tubing, panels, blocks, volumetric, etc.)

The advantages

The base hydrophilic rubber
The color Blue (dark-blue)
The density g/cm³ 1,2
The weight 0,09
Solidity (Shore)A 55
Elongation at break, MPa 6
Tensile strength, %300
The swelling in loose state6-8 times

The sphere of implementation

The cord GX-7615 has the width of 12-25 mm, the thickness 10-25 mm. It withstands the pressure of 3-12 bar (atm) – swimming-pools, underground tanks, the basements of buildings, aqua parks, tanks. The deepening depends upon the assignment of the cord and varies as 30-150 mm. The length of the cord in the package box can be 50 m (10m x 5).

The assembly and installation

The assembly of the cord GX-7615 is executed inside the concrete structure. The distance between the cord and the edges of the structure must be longer than 50 mm.

The surface of concrete must be cleaned – no dust or dirt, the stagnant water or ice.

The fastening must be carried out with glue, resin or sealants which are used outwards.

The cord must be installed tightly cord-to-joint.

The usage of different adhesive substances permits the assembling on the wet concrete in winter at the temperature of -30C in compressed time.

For the more secure assembly it is advised to use nail-dowels each 25cm and fastening of polymeric net of “Stroby” type over the cord.


During the assembly of the cord you should avoid the durable contact of the cord with the atmospheric moisture. If such situation occurs, the cord GX-7615 should be rubbed and dried (cleaning rag). Later the cord can be used in conformity with description.

The storage and packaging

The swelling cord GX-7615 should be stored in a dry and ventilated space in its original package, without deformation loading, preserved from humidity, oil derivatives and organic solvents. The period of storage is 3 years from the moment of production.

The cord GX-7615 are delivered in the cardboard boxes, 50 m in each. There are 5 reels 10 m each, which are packed in the airtight plastic bags.

The cord GX-7615 is transported by any kinds of vehicles. The condition of mechanical damage or contamination must be observed.

The warranty

The term of cord’s operation corresponds to the term of the whole structure in case the conditions of installation are fully carried out (view above). Each lot of the cord is tested at laboratory.

The remark

The consumer assumes responsibilities for the compliance of the chosen structure with purpose and conditions of operation.

The producer has the power of introduction of changes to the technical qualities which don’t make worse the final properties, basing on the results of technical research and development. According to the desire of the customer, the design of special swelling cords is probable which permits to utilize any technical schemes of sealing/waterproofing.