Neocrack is a non explosive demolition mortar


It causes breakage in a safe manner, without explosion. It is suitable for construction projects where explosives cannot be used for safety reasons. As an effect of hydration Neocrack generates a progressive expansive power more than 7500 Tn/m²

Technical characteristics

Color grey
Mixing ratio (weight), Neocrack:water ~4:1
Consumption (concrete), kg/m³ 5-10
Consumption (concrete with reinforcement), kg/m³ 20-30
Consumption (rock, depends on the hardness and the structure), kg/m³ 4-20

Instructions for use

Mix Neocrack with 26-30% cold water until you gets a uniform mass without lumps. Water temperature must be up to 10°C especially in summer period (ambient temperature above 24°C) and 10-15 oC in the winter period (ambient temperature below 18°C). Drill the holes with an electrical drill to the diameter and depth required. Fill the holes completely. The mortar should be applied within a maximum of 15 minutes.

For vertical holes leave a space on the top of 3 cm. For horizontal holes loading, you should encapsulate Neocrack using a plastic tube. Otherwise drill the holes at a slight angle in order to allow loading to be done by gravity. Plug the hole with fast setting mortar Neorep Rapid or Neostop. In this procedure is important to avoid mixing Neocrack with other cement mortar. For underwater application the product may be encapsulated in plastic tube. Otherwise use a loading pump in order to fill the holes. The time of application avoid the high ambient temperatures.

The holes depth depends on the shape and the nature of the element to be broken and must be almost the whole of the element. The diameter of holes must be 30mm up to 50 mm. A diameter of 40 mm works effectively in most projects. A simply way to estimate the distance between holes performs bellow.

  • D (mm): holes diameter
  • L (cm): spacing between holes
  • Min L=D, Max L=D+10

Example: for hole diameter D= 40mm, distance L must be maximum (D+10)=(40+10)cm=50cm and minimum 40cm.


  • Do not apply Neocrack on frozen surfaces
  • Always add the water to the powder
  • Do not put the face near to the hole because there is a possibility of sudden output of Neocrack under special conditions (hole diameter >50mm and ambient temperature >25°C and water temperature >15°C)
  • The breakage will occur 12-48 hours after the application and the final expansion will be achieved in 4 days.