Epoxol Special

Innovative version of EPOXOL® PUTTY for use under special conditions.

Fields of application

EPOXOL® SPECIAL PUTTY is recommended for bonding of concrete, metal, wood, ceramic, heat insulating tiles, polyester and generally any building material. It is also suitable for filling cracks and holes. Thanks to its remarkable properties it constitutes an ideal solution for use in swimming pools and marine structures.


  • EPOXOL® SPECIAL PUTTY is a hard solvent-free system resistant to mechanical stresses
  • It is resistant to water and seawater, diluted acids and alkalis, lubricants and many solvents
  • It can be applied at low temperatures and high humidity
  • It can be used for bonding and filling even underwater

Technical characteristics

Mixing ratio (weight proportion), A:B1:1
Component A gel (white)
Component B gel (amber)
Mixture appearance Transparent, amber
Hardening time at 25°C, h ~4
Workability at 25°C, h ~1
Full curing, days 2-3
Minimum hardening temperature, °C ~5

Higher temperatures decrease the time mentioned above, while low temperatures prolong them.


Sets of 0,5 kg – 1 kg – 6 kg