The injection pump DHP-M2000

This pump belongs to the devices of high pressure and is designed for the injection of epoxy resins and polyurethane into the body of concrete (brick, stone, etc.). The injection pump is driven by the electric drill.

The specification

The consumption of electricityAC 110V, 220 V/ 800 W
Maximal pressure, Pa 750
Recommended pressure, Pa 350
Drive effected by the electric drill
The speed of injection, l/min0.55
The weight, kg 13.4
Speed choice 2 speeds

The use

  • Please place the injection pump persistently
  • Connect the pump to the power supply network
  • The plastic bottle for the injection solution must be with the open bottom (chose the appropriate bottle)
  • Connect the grip cone head of the packer with the appropriate tip of the rubber hose
  • Gradually press the starter in order to check the operation of the pump
  • After the end of last injection you should clean the rubber hose before the next injection. The residue of the injection fluid should be flown into the airtight capacity to avoid the untimely hardening. This must be obligatory done before the injection with epoxy resins.

The cleaning of the pump

  • Work out the whole injection composition and pour it out of the bottle
  • Fill the 1/4 of the bottle with dissolvent
  • Put the pump in action to remove the residue of the dissolvent
  • Cover the bottle with rag or mitten. Use the dissolvent in small portions while washing because the big quantity can damage the rubber hose if it remains in hose for a long time. Wash properly the ball, the spring and the valve of contrary motion (view the picture of pumping unit’s cross-section)
  • Fill the bottle with washing-oil to 1/3 and start the pump until 1/5 of this substance remains in the capacity
  • Don’t use the dissolvent with volatile oil or of non-combusting composition
  • Follow thoroughly the instruction on washing thus preserving the pump
  • Use the new washing substance (not spent before) with low viscosity; avoid using of spent oil or dissolvent
  • After the injection with epoxy resin, please make sure that you have cleaned the pump. After pumping with one-component polyurethane you are not obliged to clean the device. Just fill the bottle with one-component substance to 2/3 preventing the penetration of the air.

If the hose or pumping unit are faulty, replace them with the new once:

The pressure in the pump sinks dramatically and doesn’t reach the operational rate.

This malfunction can be caused by the ingress of injecting solution between the spring and the ball, particularly in the case of inadequate previous cleaning. Please turn the nipple of the pumping unit anticlockwise and get the ball and the spring. Rinse them in the cleaning dissolvent. Install the ball and the spring back on their locality in correct order.

Measures of precaution

  1. Don’t exceed the reasonable rates of the pressure. The higher noise during the increase of pressure demonstrates the danger of the rubber hose’s rupture which can cause damage to people and health (eyes, face, clothes). Please use the spectacles and working clothes (gloves, one-piece suit, boots)
  2. If the drops of the injecting solution have hit the face, please remove the fluid with soft textile and apply to doctor. Don’t rinse with water the stained parts of body or cloth because it can cause the additional aeration and even more damage.
  3. In common, the injection pressure shouldn’t exceed 350 kg/cm².
  4. Use the standard voltage 220V
  5. Before pouring of new injecting solution into capacity, please make sure that the washing substances are moved away.
  6. If the rubber hose is swelling strongly during the injection, please hold up. Wrap up the rag around the place of bottle’s installation and remove the bottle. Use another injection pump in good state.
  7. After pumping with one-component polyurethane resin you are not obliged to clean the pump. Just fill the bottle with one-component substance to 2/3 to avoid the penetration of the air inside the device.
  8. Please get the evidence that you apply the correct washing-oil and the dissolvent of urethane in accordance with the used injection solution.