Repair of Concrete

More detailed information on technologies of repair of concrete can be learned from article "Waterproofing and strengthening of stone and concrete constructions by injection methods".

Usually work in repair of concrete precede waterproofing.

At their planning the complex approach considering the basic operational and technical requirements for the construction, characteristics of the "old" surface and the types of materials, applied later.

Usually repair materials are applied in a combination with reinforcing tapes, plates and canvases of carbon, aramid, special additives etc. When repairing seams, joints, zones of adjacency we have often used the hydrophilic profile and injecto-system. In some cases, as finishing repair materials, we apply a material with a multiporous surface.

The cost of this type of work can only be assessed after calculation of all phases of destruction and the preparation of the project.

Repair work should be undertaken with engineering support and on the basis of the project.