Betofix Waterstop

Распродажа складских остатков!
Durable solvent-based paint based on acrylic resins for the protection and decoration of moist surfaces.

Fields of application

It is applied on moist surfaces made of mortars or concrete, in basements, walls and air-conditioned rooms where the presence of moisture is obvious.


BETOFIX® WATERSTOP is easy to use and does not require particular care to be taken for surface preparation. It forms a uniform, stable surface that displays excellent adhesion even on porous or very alkaline substrates. When dry, it withstands highly negative pressures (i.e. moisture released from the substrate). It can be washed with detergents and does not yellow.

Technical characteristics

Density, g/cm³ 1,42
Coverage per coat, kg/m² 0,28-0,35
Drying time, h 4-5
Dry to recoat (when a second coat is required), h 24
Colours white or tailor-made shades

Instructions for use

Surface preparation

New surfaces: Particular preparation is not required. Old surfaces: It is advised to remove old paint from the substrate in order to obtain stronger better adhesion.


Stir the product thoroughly in its container. Apply one coat of BETOFIX® WATERSTOP by brush or roller, diluted 10-15% with Solvent No 1111 or white spirit.


In case of very negative water pressure, first apply NEOPRESS mortar by creating relief channels, sealing them, and then apply BETOFIX® WATERSTOP.

Cleaning of tools

Use Solvent No 1111 or white spirit immediately after application.

Stain removal

Use the solvent mentioned above when the stain is still fresh and damp. In case of hardened stains, use mechanical means or a paint remover.


1kg, 5kg, and 14kg tin cans